I can’t get logged into The Holiday Tracker

If you’re having trouble getting logged into The Holiday Tracker, then try following the instructions in this article.

There are two sets of instructions, depending upon if you still have the welcome email you received when your account was first set up:

I’ve got the email with my login details but I still can’t login

There are 3 possible causes for this:

  1. You changed your password since you received the email – go to “I haven’t got the welcome email”.
  2. You’re entering your login details incorrectly.
    Double-check that you’re entering the correct email address – the one in your welcome email – it’s possible your account was setup using an email address other than the one you expected.
    Try the password again – if you’ve tried copying and pasting it, try typing it instead (remember to use capital letters if the password contains capital letters). If you’ve tried typing it in, try copying and pasting instead.
    If all else failsgo to “I haven’t got the welcome email”.
  3. Your account has been closed by your administrator – check with the person within your organization that looks after The Holiday Tracker – this could be your HR manager.

I haven’t got the welcome email with my login details

Go to and click Login. This will be at the top-right of the page if you’re on a computer or tablet – it will be under the menu button on mobile:

Enter your email address into the box and click Continue, this will take you to the login page for your Holiday Tracker. Below the login box is a “Forgot Password” link:

Click the link and use the Forgot Password form to reset your password.

If you get the message “Login Failed: Unfortunately we can’t find an account for the email address you provided.”, then you’ll need to check with the person within your organization that looks after The Holiday Tracker – this could be your HR manager.

Using the Calendar in The Holiday Tracker

The calendar is the first thing any employee sees when they log into The Holiday Tracker. At a glance you can see any holiday requests that have been approved, any pending, and any other types of absence that’s been recorded.

Below the calendar are the Holiday Entitlement and Sickness bars. As an employee begins to book holidays, the entitlement bar fills up and lets them know how much entitlement they have remaining. If any sickness is recorded for an employee, the sickness bar will also begin to move.

If an employee has no manager set, then they can add their holidays to their own calendar. However, when an employee does have a manager, they must make a holiday request, which will then be approved or rejected by their manager.

Making a request is as simple as three clicks. Click on the first day of the holiday, click on the last day of the holiday and then click to confirm. The request then goes into the calendar in orange and an email is sent to the employee’s manager.

When the manager clicks the button in the email and logs in, they’ll be taken directly to the employee’s calendar where they can click on the request to approve or reject it. But they can also click View Team to view the request in the context of the rest of their team.

The Team Calendar will be centred on the request and shows the manager who else in their team is off during that period, helping them make a decision on whether to approve or reject the request.

Managers can also log other types of absence for their employees, such as sickness, unpaid leave or maternity. And of course, you can customise the types of absence that your organisation would like to record from the Company Settings page.

Three Reasons to Use an Absence Management System

Three Reasons to Use an Absence Management SystemPhoto by rawpixel on Unsplash

Sickness absence can have a massive impact on small businesses.  In fact, studies show that preventable sickness absence is costing the UK economy around £900 million a year.

Unfortunately it’s an area that’s often poorly managed.  Below are three reasons why an absence management system, like The Holiday Tracker, can help you make an impact within your own business.

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