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How to Introduce Flexible Working

Many businesses are figuring out how to return to work as restrictions lift. Even before 2020, there was a demand to introduce flexible working but now this has increased. Research finds that two-thirds of employees want some kind of flexible working.

And while the UK Government is encouraging workers back to the office, not everyone will be wanting to return to old ways of working. In this blog, we’ll look at how to introduce flexible working now restrictions are changing.

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Language in the Workplace

How we communicate at work is hugely important. It can make all the difference to how we are perceived and our reputation. Language in the workplace can even mean the difference between getting that promotion or not.

Yet, language is living. It changes and develops over time. This sometimes means that what was once an acceptable idiom is now no longer used. We’re going to take a look at some of these changes and how you can negotiate language in the workplace.

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How to Handle Safe Working as Staff Return to the Office

Restrictions are lifting and that means more staff can return to the office. While you are making your workplace COVID-safe, it is important that your staff also feel safe to return. In fact, new data shows that over 60% of UK employees do not want to return to work until everyone has been vaccinated. In this blog, we outline a few ways that you can handle safe working as staff return to work.

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