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The Holiday Tracker

Coronavirus: We've extended our free trial from 7-days to 3-months, to help companies track the sickness absence of their staff during this period. There is absolutely NO obligation to continue after your trial, and we'll help you export your data.

Why It’s Important to Give Employee Feedback

Why It’s Important to Give Employees Feedback

Information about a person’s performance, which is used as a basis for improvement.  Continue Reading »

4 Ways to Increase Your Employees’ Happiness

4 Ways to Increase Your Employees’ Happiness

January is broadly considered the most depressing month of the year. It even contains “Blue Monday”, typically the third Monday of the month, which is said to be the most depressing day of the year! Continue Reading »

“I refused their holiday request, but they took the day off anyway!”

Refused Holiday

So you’ve got an employee, let’s call them Alex. Two weeks ago Alex made a holiday request for today, but there were already too many other folk off, so Alex’s manager refused the request. As you were grabbing your morning coffee this morning, Alex’s manager approaches you; Alex hasn’t turned up for work after all. Sad face. Continue Reading »

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