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The Holiday Tracker

Update 3.21 – iCal Feeds

Update 3.21 contains only one new feature: the ability to subscribe to your calendars using calendar applications that support iCal. Details below.

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Update 3.10 – Related Documents

Update 3.10 contains only two new features:

  1. Related Documents
    You can now upload documents against each employee in their profile pages
  2. Request Holidays in Hours
    Allow your employees to specify exactly how many hours they’re requesting off

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Update 3.8 – Company Calendar

Welcome to the first update of 2017. We have some big updates planned for this year, but to get you started this update contains a few small but incredibly useful features:

  1. Team Calendar Permissions
    A flexible way to open up visibility of teams to other managers.
  2. Replace Manager
    Use this button to shift a whole team to a new manager in one go.
  3. Company Calendar
    Ever wanted to block out days for everyone in the company? Now you can.
  4. Request Cancellation
    Employees can now request to cancel holidays after they’ve been approved.
  5. Managers Can’t Delete Past Entries
    Now your managers are only able to delete future entries.

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