When Working From Home Doesn’t Work

Working from home

Working from home is now the norm. It has disrupted the way that people work for many businesses. And for some employers, 2020 has put to rest any fears about productivity when staff are working away from the office.

Whether working from home works for your business or is a temporary fix to exceptional circumstances, how your staff feel about remote work may not be all positive.

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What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Bradford Factor?

The Bradford Factor, sometimes called the Bradford Formula, is a way of measuring employee absence. It’s a mathematical formula that you can use to score an employee’s sickness absence. This then helps you to work out how their absence has affected your business over a particular time period, usually a year.

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What to Include in Your Sickness Absence Policy

Having a sickness absence policy in place is important to protect your business. It also provides guidance to managers. And ensures that employees know what’s expected of them when they’re absent due to illness.

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