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What to Include in Your Sickness Absence Policy

Having a sickness absence policy in place is important to protect your business, but also to provide guidance to managers and ensure that employees know what’s expected of them when they’re absent due to illness.

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We Need to Talk about Good Mental Health

We Need to Talk about Good Mental Health

Guest post by Graeme Mills of

It is estimated that mental health costs businesses in the UK £35 billion per year. It’s a figure so big, it seems almost meaningless. However, this promotes only a one-dimensional view of mental health; focussing on the negative aspects of mental health rather than the opportunities and business advantages by providing, promoting and facilitating ‘good mental health’ in your organisation. Continue Reading »

What is The Bradford Factor?

We occasionally get asked by our customers how The Bradford Factor works, and how they can use it within The Holiday Tracker to manage sickness absence. We made this video to help.

If you’d like to try it for yourself, sign up for a 7-day free trial, or book a demo.

If you prefer to read about The Bradford Factor, we also have a blog post containing the same info as the video.

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